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How to Cope with Backache Caused by Long Hours Spent Staring at a Monitor

Whether you are a blogger or a coder, chances are you spend 8-10 or more hours a day staring at a monitor. This might be good for your bank balance, but it’s not so great for your

4 Tips For Making Customers Consistently Happy

In order to have a successful business which consistently generates income and will continue to do so over time, the backbone of your success will be your customers.  In order to keep customers coming back, you will

How To Promote Health And Wellness In The Workplace

Healthy workers are more productive workers. They get more work done, work harder and faster (sometimes) and they need less time off work due to medical issues. That is why it is important as a business to

5 Must-Haves For Businesses That Aim To Please

Sometimes all you have to do as a business is please people. That may either be your primary function, or it may be something secondary, but it’s still something that will put you above the fold in

What to Do When You Need a Break from Gadgets

We all love using the latest technology these days, but what about those times when you feel that you need a break from your gadgets? It can do us good to switch off our phones and computers

Tips For Making Your Business More Green

In this modern age where people are becoming more aware of their effects on the environment and the carbon footprint which we leave behind after virtually every step of our day, it has become more standard to

Make Working from Home a Pleasure Rather Than a Chore

Working from home is something that starts out as being a huge pleasure. You might even feel slightly rebellious when you first wander over to your PC in your pyjamas with a steaming mug of coffee in

5 Places To Look For Loan Opportunities

When it comes to finding places to look for loan opportunities there are a number of different approaches you can take. In the end, money is money, so whatever the loan is for – that’s not really

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