3 Tips for Safely Using Your Smartphone For Business

In today’s business world, an increasing amount of business activities are taking place using mobile devices like smartphones. From checking your email to looking at your financials to video chatting with customers or clients, almost all business functions can now be handled by modern smartphones. However, just because the device is seemingly securely placed in your pocket or purse when not in use doesn’t mean that it’s actually secure. So to help you make your smartphone even more capable of helping you do business successfully, here are three tips for safely using your smartphone for business.

Get Those Updates

Have you ever gotten a notification that some app or software you run on your smartphone has an update available but you decided to skip it with the thought that you’ll do the update later? And did you remember to install that update? Many people don’t. However, to ensure that you’re using the best possible version of the apps you’ve installed, Thomas Thorn, a contributor to TechRadar.com, recommends always getting those updates when they’re available. Companies update their software when they’ve noticed a problem and then found a way to fix that problem. While this could just be an aesthetic problem, it could also be something crucial to its security, so always strive to use the latest version of every app or software on your smartphone to be as protected as possible.

Password Protect Your Device

While there are people out there who know how to hack into your phone’s information from a remote location, it’s actually much easier for someone to gain access to the sensitive business information left on your phone by simply picking it up and opening a few windows. And although you may think that there’s only a slim chance that someone could have access to your phone without you around, you never know if you’ll forget it at the table of a restaurant or on the bench at the gym or even just on your desk at work. Knowing this, Cassandra Lombardi, a contributor to Reader’s Digest, recommends always using a password to access your phone. This is arguably the easiest way to keep unwanted eyes off your sensitive information stored there.

Be Careful With Public Wi-Fi

Being out and about conducting business all day can be a big drain on your phone’s data plan. And although it may be tempting to pick up a public Wi-Fi network whenever possible, Molly Trifflin, a contributor to LearnVest.com, advises against this. When you’re connected to a publicly accessible Wi-Fi network, any information sent through that network can be very easy for predators to hack into. So if you’re planning to access sensitive information or give out sensitive information, make sure you switch back over to your data.

To better protect your business, use the tips mentioned above to ensure you’re using your smartphone in a safe and secure way.