5 Crazy Inventions With Possibilities And Yet No Result!

Human species was the fittest and survived through the ages and it evolved with the help of many sudden or intentional discoveries and inventions. The human brain is a complicated organ in an intriguing way. It has created wonders and possibly going to continue doing so. The musings of the human brain go beyond one’s imagination. Here’s the list of top 5 crazy inventions with possibilities that could prove the above point.

Conscious dreaming:

Humans forget most of the things they dreamt about just after the moment they wake up. With Neurolink by Elon Musk and other advancements in neurobiology field, the day may soon come when we would actually be able to record our dreams or spy on other people’s fantasies and thoughts. How cool it’d be to see if your crush dreams about you or not!

Human health GPS:

Think about a GPS device installed in your body that could notify you/your well-wishers in advance, about your health situation. (Remember the James Bond Movies? The Casino Royale?)

Getting a notification that your blood-glucose level is drowning up… please have some sugar, or your anxiety level is boasting up, please relax for a moment, otherwise, there could be a cardiac situation… these things could actually save so many human lives. With the improvement in nano tech or nano-bio technology fields, the day is not too far. So, let’s just watch out for this one, shall we?

The tongue balm:

Remember your childhood day, when your family forced you to eat bitter or non-tasty but healthy food? Why don’t the food science researchers develop a tongue balm that nullifies the taste of whatever we eat? I guess that way the bitter-guard juice might not be so much ‘bittery’ in taste, while not compromising the element mineral value of the substance. Or better. What if they could make these tongue balms with some specific tastes. Like if it’s a strawberry flavored balm, no matter what you eat, you’ll still taste strawberry only. Something yummy! How does this sound?

The sleep-assistant:

With all the algorithmic discoveries of the brain working, what if we discovered the necessary element of cells that functions sleep and rest to our mind and body. Doesn’t this open the gates of further inventions regarding the sleep recovery machines, where working class people may complete their hour long sleeps in a couple of minutes? Not all inventions are good for the mankind (Read- nuclear bombs), still it’d be exciting to know how far a man’s mind can wonder!

Perfect Voice Recognitions:

Like the touch screen gadgets replaced almost all the keypads, there may possibly come a time in near future where the voice recognition software could grow so perfectly, that we may not find a need to use typing at all. It’s a distant dream. But, it is possible, anyway.

These were our top picks in the areas where the human brain could bring revolutions in the coming time. Do you have something to add to this list? Comment below, right away!

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