5 Features of the Apple Pencil

One of the best styli that you can purchase nowadays is the Apple Pencil. This exceptional tool does come as a separate purchase, but it packs in some of the most impressive features that you can find on a gadget. Also, you may not know new tricks that this stylus incorporates, which will give you better and smoother user experience. This post lists the best features and hacks for the Apple Pencil. Do note that you may already be familiar with some of the elements. That said, have a look at the enticing features provided by this ergonomic gadget.

  • Ability to take notes

The most frequently used feature of this tool is the ability to write notes on the screen of your iPad. You may use the default Notes app available on App store for it, or you can choose other third-party apps as well. The third party ones will offer you more features with a  natural looking lined/graphed paper screen. Also, some apps will let you translate the notes written in your handwriting into text that can you can search online.

  • Tracing features

You may not be aware of this trick where you can use an Apple Pencil through a traditional piece of paper to trace anything on the iPad’s screen. All you have to do is place the paper on which the sketch is drawn, and use the Pencil over the sheet of paper. Your screen will be able to accurately detect the applied pressure and pull the relevant design on the screen. Though there are limitations based on the thickness of the paper used, yet it works like a charm. Learn more about Apple products at Lure Of Mac.

  • Replaceable Apple Pencil tip

Your Apple Pencil accompanies an extra tip too. Thus, once your stylus tip wears out, which usually happens when you use it regularly for a very long time, you can replace it with the additional tip. Even when you lose your current tip, you have this extra tip as a backup to keep it usable. One downside is that this tip is not available as a separate accessory at the moment, so do not lose them.

  • The Lightning USB Adapter

This portable utility lets you charge the Apple Pencil. As it is a lightning adapter, it can easily attach to an iPad Pro to provide quick charging of up to thirty minutes in about thirty seconds. Once you charge this pencil completely, it can last up to 12 hours.

  • Enabling split-view screen for taking notes

Another feature of the Apple Pencil is that it can ergonomically work with the iPad in a split screen where you can view and use two applications (one of which is the Note app) at the same time. Thus, you can play a video on Youtube or browse Safari while taking notes using the Apple Pencil without any problems.

The Apple Pencil indeed comprises the most excellent features while maintaining a sleek and straightforward design. Using it in combination with an iPad gives the user more freedom to utilize the power of the machine.