5 Tips to Help Geeks to Get Healthy

Your Reddit karma is piling up, you are busy discussing your ideas on different forums and you believe that there is nothing better than banding with your fellow geeks over coffee or Red Bull. But there is one thing you often overlook while doing all your geeky ‘chores’- your health.

Let’s dedicate this post to helping you get healthy in an easy, inspiring and fun way so you can enjoy life better. Follow these 5 awesome tips to live a healthier life.

Start biking

We can ask you to join the nearest gym and start pumping iron from Day 1. But the truth is that gyms can get boring after a while and not everyone feels comfortable in a big hall filled with machines and sweaty dudes. If you like to stay active, think about biking. This easy and fun activity gives you a whole-body workout and helps you tone your muscles. The best thing about biking is that it suits everyone- regardless of your current weight, height or even some existing ailments.

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No more liquid calories

While you may be choosing salads over burgers, you may be forgetting that liquid calories are equally harmful for your body. Therefore, it would be better to say goodbye to different sodas and drinks that are bringing nothing but empty calories to your body. Always substitute sodas with water and fruit juices.

Say goodbye to sugar

Perhaps the biggest culprit in making us all unhealthy, sugar is hidden in almost everything you eat. From the glutenous breads to the juicy fruits, sugar is everywhere. Since it is impossible to avoid, it is better to limit its intake. This means saying goodbye to those tasty donuts you drool over and never touching a cherry coke again.

Make a sleep routine

It is easier to stay healthy when you are not burning the midnight oil. Staying past your bedtime means you will definitely munch on something or dig into that big tub of ice-cream. Not getting proper sleep also disturbs your body and its circadian rhythms which eventually result in poorer health, lower concentration and overall weakness and fatigue. Making a sleep routine and sticking to it could do wonders for your body as it would provide you enough rest. You can even Buy Olio Lusso Cannabidiol Gummies to help you get to sleep earlier.

Make breakfast healthy

If you start your day on a healthy note, it becomes easier to follow a healthier diet throughout the day. This is because you hack your brain to stay invested in a healthier lifestyle. The best breakfast choices include your choice of fruit, overnight oats and guilt-free cereals. You can also make different types of omelets and sandwiches. Having a well-balanced diet can do good for your overall health. Your eyes, for instance, needs nutrition such as lutein and zeaxanthin, vitamin C, vitamin E and zinc, to reduce the risk of certain serious eye diseases. Of course, it goes without saying that those who have vision problems, in addition to eating healthy, should also consult doctors at clinics like SharpeVision for treatment.

Following just these 5 tips regularly could make significant changes to your life over the next three months. Now, it is up to you to commit and ensure that you live long and disease-free. Start taking action today!