Best New Apps for Teens in 2021

We’re not even two years out from the massive shift that’s coming with the 2020 iPhone, and already we’re looking at what tech might shape up for the next ten years. And yes, we’re talking about your teens! So if you’re looking for a roundup of the best apps and games for your teens, whether it’s iPads or iPhones, this is the place to go.

Most of this is based on the recommendations of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but Amazon’s also on the cutting edge when it comes to mobile. To make its recommendations, it looks at Amazon’s “More Like This” series, where Amazon makes its recommendations based on search terms, location, and how the Amazon user interacted with the app.

According to Amazon, “Amazon Alexa also offers users recommendations based on their shopping and browsing behaviour.”

So for those of you interested in pre-trying out new tech, this is a good way to check out things that look like they’d be good investments for you and your teens.


Lumos is the first multisensory storytelling app designed especially for children with autism. Thanks to the work of BBC design studio, it combines the storytelling method of puppetry with audio and video elements to help “users explore their own inner worlds.” With real stories, and customized sounds and visuals to keep the child engaged and engaged, it’s perfect for any child with special needs.

Pokémon Go Plus

If you’re a serious Pokémon Go fan, you probably already own one of the best gifts a kid could ask for: the official Pokémon Go Plus! All your friends will want to play along, and the device is fully equipped to keep up with your game. It alerts you when a Pokémon is near, it also has sensors to detect when you enter an egg chamber, and it even lights up when a Pokémon is near so you don’t go missing. You could give your own kid the actual game, or you can get a nifty bracelet that will turn them into their very own Pokemon master.

Adobe CC

Did you know your teens could already learn how to code on a computer? No? OK. They can! Adobe’s got a coding app that can teach teens how to code with simple and fun games. The app allows teens to customize their own avatar, use tools like loops and beziers, and learn valuable skills.


Ever wanted to know how many humans are alive in your house? Well, the Roomba vacuum cleaner will be able to tell you, and it’s not as gross as you’d think. If your teens aren’t grossed out by it, you can always change the settings to be nice and clean.

Driving Test Application

Forward-thinking teens will inevitably look towards apps that are bit more useful, with the likes of a driving permit test app dominating downloads in that particular category of educational apps. Who ever said smartphones are nothing but a brain drain?

Apps in this category are sure to see a spike in downloads since more teens appear to have a bit more time on their hands.