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What a catch: laptops that are twice as brainy

The latest portable computers boast two brains so they can juggle many tasks at once. Tim Danton assesses whether they hold their own against conventional thoroughbreds.

Our flexible friends: a laptop for every lifestyle

Whether you play games on the hoof or simply check e-mail in bed, notebooks are now big news. Stewart Mitchell helps you find the perfect partner.

The piracy problem that no amount of military hardware is going to solve

As Barack Obama patiently watches today’s three-hour military marchpast in Delhi, the centrepiece of India’s 66th Republic Day celebrations, he may be forgiven if his thoughts drift away from the vast procession along the monumental Rajpath Road

HP set to split its PC business from corporate hardware

Hewlett-Packard, the American computer group embroiled in a legal bust-up over its ill-fated $11 billion purchase of Autonomy, the British software developer, is planning to break itself into two. The Californian company is proposing to split its