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Some of the Very Best Pet-Friendly Mobile Apps

Every pet-lover enjoys spoiling their furry friend but have you ever considered that you could use your mobile phone or tablet to make life better for both of you? The best mobile apps now offer you some

New group video app wins plenty of friends

A phone app that allows friends to videochat in groups of up to eight has become a hit with British teenagers and twentysomethings.

Facebook is top of the apps

Facebook was last year’s most popular smartphone app as tech and web giants dominated the charts.

Out-of-date Windows XP in shops puts your credit card at risk

Retailers are putting their customers’ credit card details at the mercy of computer hackers because they have failed to upgrade an obsolete version of the Windows operating system on their machines, a leading online security researcher has

Windows 10 launched with aim of emulating PAs

The personal assistant’s “black book” is an invaluable compendium of their employer’s likes, dislikes and, perhaps most importantly, spouse’s birthday. It has, however, fallen into the hands of an artificially intelligent rival.

Repair costs Apple users their iPhone

It is well known that iPhones are not the cheapest of smartphones, and if the screens break when dropped or the phone sustains water damage, many of us will inevitably look for someone who specializes in mobile

iOS 7 ‘kill switch’ may end smartphone thefts, say city leaders

A coalition of city leaders that includes the London Mayor Boris Johnson has expressed the hope that a new “kill switch” to disable stolen iPhones could help end a global epidemic of smartphone thefts.

Why Ubuntu excites me more than Windows or Macintosh

You know that thing that happens on your computer, when you are using Windows?