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China sounds alarm over Google’s Android

Google wields too much power in China’s booming smartphone market through its Android operating system and is deliberately hindering the ability of Chinese companies to develop their own platforms, the Chinese government has said.

Google takes on Microsoft with Chrome operating system

Google is to launch a new operating system, in its most direct challenge yet to the dominance of Microsoft.

A bright upstart is creeping up on Apple — yes, it’s Microsoft

Large technology companies survive by fundamentally transforming, and then dominating their markets. In recent years, Apple has been the company most admired for its ability to keep out in front and repeatedly renew itself.

Windows 10 wants you as a guinea pig

Since the end of last month millions of PC users in Britain have been invited to download a new version of the Windows operating system.

World of Warcraft fans unite for pilgrimage to Blizzcon

Thousands of gaming fans left a virtual world to unite in the real one and test an update of their obsession.

Gamers compete for £11m at Dota 2 e-sport tournament

If you think of Britain’s most high-profile sports coaches on the world stage, you probably picture Sir Dave Brailsford, the cycling guru, or Sir Clive Woodward, the rugby World Cup-winning head coach — not a man who

Software helps BlackBerry to creep back up

Once the leading smartphone of choice, BlackBerry has fallen so far behind its rivals in the mobile market that its shares were almost wiped out.

Software firm Sage finds trouble across pond

The UK’s biggest software company upset the stock market with an apparent slowdown in growth at the end of last year and the possible sale of a troubled US business.