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Useful Tips and Tricks for Starting the House Hunting Online

People will do almost anything to cure boredom and browsing homes for sale in the area is probably one of the best things to do. The photographs can give you ideas for renovation projects and if you’re

Best New Apps for Teens in 2021

We’re not even two years out from the massive shift that’s coming with the 2020 iPhone, and already we’re looking at what tech might shape up for the next ten years. And yes, we’re talking about your

5 Popular Business Uses For Microsoft Excel

Nowadays, business has transformed into a highly competitive market on account of several technological breakthroughs. Numerous types of software, tools and different guides are being used to gain an edge over competitors. Microsoft Excel which brought an

New group video app wins plenty of friends

A phone app that allows friends to videochat in groups of up to eight has become a hit with British teenagers and twentysomethings.

Facebook is top of the apps

Facebook was last year’s most popular smartphone app as tech and web giants dominated the charts.