Why Complement Backing Up with Data Archiving?

Most business people assume that data archiving is the same as backing up; however, this is not the case. File archiving is a different process that moves and copies files, and it’s a good idea to integrate proper archiving alongside your backing up efforts.

Here are just a few reasons why.

Improved Discovery

One of the most compelling advantages that comes with adopting a data archiving solution is being able to find your files more easily. As well as creating copies, archiving software is very good at sorting your files. If you suddenly find yourself needing an old presentation, spreadsheet, or text document, you’ll be able to search it out without much fuss.

Data Management

Backing up is useful, but it often creates redundant data. Not so with archiving. You’ll be able to identify any duplicate data and have it removed, and you’ll also be able to replace any old or outdated files. It’s a great way to make the most of your data allowance.

Reduce Backup Windows

It’s no secret that businesses are now dealing with more data than ever. They’re also more clued in to the benefits of backing up. The problem is that such continuous growth has seen backup times getting longer and longer. Archiving is an ideal solution since there is no need to backup old historical data.

Protection from Accidental Deletion

Searching through backed up files to find the documents you just lost isn’t the most productive task in the world. Archiving allows easier access without any direct intervention, and you can develop simple policies and rules to protect files from accidental deletion.