Computers For Beginners

Computers lesson for a newbie is a kind of tutorial on how to use a computer. The beginner can easily learn the basic functions of a computer like “word” and “paste”, “tab” and “help” etc. Learning such functions is necessary to be a good programmer. If you are a beginner looking for some interesting places on the Internet where you can find some tutorials on how to use a particular program then you may go to a website called “Programming lessons for beginners” which is written by Chris Donell.

This is a good source for learning the basic functions of computers and also for programming. You can have your own copy and can download it free. The course contents consist of twelve lessons in PDF file. The topics included in the lesson are “aptitude for languages”, “basics of networks and file servers”, “writing programs using functions”, “reading and writing text files”, “creating and using spreadsheets” and “using databases”.

If you do not want to download or print the lesson content, you may just listen to it over the computer. For this purpose, you should have good hearing ability and must know what to listen to. This is the most convenient way to get the information. The audio file contains information that is easy to understand.

After having the lesson, the beginner should know how to use programs and how to configure them. If you are a beginner looking for computer programs for beginner, there is another website called “Tech Buddies” which provides you with tutorials and examples for various computer programs. There is an example for Microsoft Word which allows the beginner to learn and practice the keyboard commands. There is also an example for the PowerPoint presentation sharing, which is helpful for the beginner.

By knowing the functions of computers, the beginner can create his own programs. He can write a small program and save it in the disk drive. He can then share it with others. For the Internet technology, there is “Computer Learn” site which provides free online tutorials for students. With the help of “Books For Newbies” by Microsoft, the beginner can look up information about the computer.

When you are at home or work, you can just turn on your PC and start browsing the Internet. The “Computers” website can provide you various information about the Internet, software, cell phones and other gadgets. There are interactive websites for kids where the student can play games and chat with fellow students. The Internet is a powerful tool for the beginner looking for computers.