How to Earn Money from Your Auto Website

Making money from your auto-related website isn’t that different from doing so with another type of website. There are various ways to monetize a website to generate a passive income stream for years to go come. If you are actually part of the motor trade industry, you may be able to use it to your advantage as you will be able to offer professional assistance. If you own a motor trade, you can discuss such topics as how to get a motor trade insurance certificate for those who may be starting out, working in conjunction with related websites on this will help you both out.

Let’s look at a few of the ways to earn a living from your auto website.

Pay-per-Click Advertising

Websites that feature adverts from ad networks by acting as a publisher get a percentage of the value of each click. When ads are clicked, approximately 68 percent (in the case of Google Adsense ads) are given to the publisher with the network keeping the remainder. Sometimes the ads are related to the same niche – in this case, auto – but other times, ads presented represent other interests of the website visitor. If they’ve visited a NASCAR related website recently, then advertisers selling goods related to NASCAR racing may pay to have their ad shown. In the case of, their site focuses on powerful exhausts and Adsense ads feature on the site.

Affiliate Commissions

When reviewing a product and recommending it for sale, it’s possible to earn a commission if the visitor purchases the item as a result of your referral. Many online retailers of all stripes have affiliate programs that allow website owners to sign up to participate. Sometimes a retailer will piggyback off an existing affiliate network, which makes it much easier to deal with the back-office aspect. This is where networks like Commission Junction and LinkShare come into play.

The commissions with most physical goods tend to be between 2.5-8%. Amazon reduced their commission rates quite recently, but they’re still one of the better payers for physical goods. It’s also worth bearing in mind that a potential buyer is more likely to complete a purchase if they already have an account on the website. Therefore, a lower commission rate from a big name can turn into the better earner.

Sponsored Branding

An auto website can cover news, reviews, and information. Various sections can be sponsored by different companies that sell parts in the auto industry to give them more promotional exposure. This is another way to generate revenue on a regular basis. However, reviews must not be influenced by branded sponsorship for visitors to still trust the reviews and any promotional consideration must be disclosed.

Own Products

Producing your own line of products may be too expensive or difficult but getting a generic product white labeled to sell it under your auto brand is possible. Other ideas include eBook manuals covering topics like better repair and maintenance of vehicles, SUVs, and trucks. Look at how to merchandise effectively to generate additional revenue.

Sponsored Posts

Sometimes other auto companies will want to have a guest post published on the site in exchange for a compensation. These must be disclosed as sponsored posts so that the reader is aware of the commercial relationship with the content.

Making money from an auto website is very possible. It depends what your audience will respond to as to where the best opportunities lie. Hone in on the best ways to make money from your audience and double down.