Know the Basic Parts of a Computer System

Computer parts are electrical and mechanical components utilized to create a functional computer system. Every computer machine has a main input device, motherboard, processing unit, hard drive, memory card, video card, sound card, optical disc, and auxiliary devices. There are also peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, wireless cards, USB cards, and digital cameras. It is the motherboard that provides the connection between all these components. Motherboards are very vital in the functioning of your computer machine as it serves as the hub where all the computer components are connected.

A number of computer parts make use of electricity to move from their source to the CPU. This is one of the many important parts of an electronic machine that makes use of electricity to move through various levels of a circuit. These are known as motherboard components. The different types of motherboard components include the serial bus controllers, PCI bus controllers, the embedded controllers, the USB controllers, the serial port controllers, the Atheros controller, the pin controllers, and the power management controllers.

Another major part of a computer is its circuit board or mother board. It is made up of numerous computer components such as the electronic circuits, printed circuit boards, the chip sets, digital electronics components, printed circuit boards, the connectors, and the power control devices. It is very important that the mother board of a desktop computers must be made with great craftsmanship since these are often the front and central part of the machines.

Computer components can either be recycled or resold. Recycling is an action undertaken by certain companies that converts unused computer hardware into non-biodegradable materials for reuse. The main article in recycling is through thermal depolymerization, which involves the introduction of heat into a circuit set to be discarded or redesigned so as to reduce degradation of its properties, or its component. A recent study showed that more than 25% of all personal computer parts are recyclable.

On the other hand, reusing is an action through which computer parts can be converted from a non-degrading state to one that is conducive to the decomposition process. The process is referred to as solid oxide synthesis, or TOX. One example of its conversion is the use of mercury in the manufacture of semiconductor devices. Let us see how the said conversion takes place.

A computer is made to carry out different types of functions. Motherboards are one of the integral parts of any type of computer system. Through the motherboard’s different types of connectors, it lets us connect external devices and also allows us to do many things, including installation and operation of different types of software. It is also responsible for storing programs installed in the computer’s hard disk.