How to maintain your computer and laptop

Computers are a life saver! We rely on them in most cases. If yours has the internet connection, it helps you even more such that you can learn almost everything on your computer. However, they require good maintenance in order to serve you more and for longer. Here are the few tips on how you should maintain your computer or your laptop.

  1. Back up your data

Backing up your data is necessary. It does not only help you to keep your data safe and not to risk losing it in case your computer crashes, but it also helps In freeing up space and hence making your computer operate faster. You should, therefore, ensure you back up your data regularly. The technology of cloud computing has made the backing up processes easier. You can also back up your data in a flash disk or an external hard disk.

  1. Clean your machine regularly

You should ensure that your computer is clean all the time. Computers do trap the dust and dirt easily and a dusty computer can trap heat which may interfere with its operation. This can also shorten the computer’s lifespan. Ensure you clean up your CPU thoroughly at least once in a year if you’re located in dusty place otherwise after eighteen months. Wipe your laptop and keep it in its bag after use.

  1. Clean up its peripherals and cables

Peripherals are the external hardware component of a computer. They too need to be cleaned often for your computer good functionality. The keyboard can be disconnected and overturned to remove the dirt that is trapped inside the keys. Mouse, printer, monitor, and cables should be wiped with a damp cloth and care should be taken when wiping the monitor and webcam not to scratch them.

  1. Update your system and Scan your computer regularly

Use the best antivirus in the market to scan your computer in order to prevent it from malware attack. This is more important to any computer that is connected to the internet. Full scan is normally done on a weekly basis.

It is also very important to keep your system and OS updated. Learn how to configure and install Centos Samba in centOS 7.

  1. Free up your computer’s space

Remove all the junk from your computer to create more space. A computer that has more space operate faster both when you’re browsing and using it for other operation. Clean up your cache by deleting all the browser history, uninstall the programs that you no longer use and delete or store your music on a flash disk. However, it can be a massive chore to manually find and delete hundreds of duplicate files, so you can use a duplicate file finder to do the hard work for you. Once it’s located all your duplicates, all you have to do is press delete, freeing up space and helping your computer run more efficiently.

If you perform the above task more often and follow your manufacturer’s instruction, your computer will take you a long way. However, this does not mean that it will never get damaged. You should, therefore, keep yourself updated about anything concerning computers to be able to have more knowledge on what to go for whenever you may want to purchase a new one. So make use of that computer you have and access the internet to learn more.