Best outdoor laptop solutions 2018

Taking your laptop outside may seem like an absurd idea at first, but if you are a home worker that wants to take advantage of fine weather while you work, or your job entails working on building sites, you will understand the frustrations involved. In theory, working outdoors in the sunshine while you write that presentation, or email clients, seems like the perfect scenario, but I reality it can be a very different situation. Problems such as sun-glare, and concerns about how robust your laptop is should it encounter rain, or fall to the ground, all need to be taken into consideration. However, companies have realised that if they want to satisfy the needs of outdoor laptop users, then they need to offer solutions.

Best bright display

Faced with overt sunlight, laptop screens become dark and the information on them, illegible. One way to combat the problem is to purchase a laptop with a bright screen. Measured in the luminescent unit of nits, the HP ENVY 17 provides an excellent screen brightness of 209 nits. Built with the everyday user in mind, this laptop is available from $999 and could be just what you require on those sunny days. Whilst a bright screen is perfect for a sunny day, people also need to consider that brightness when they take the laptop inside their home. Bright screens can cause eye damage and strain, so it’s important that users consider wearing anti-glare computer glasses when they use a laptop with a bright screen. People could purchase those glasses from Felix Gray, for example.

Screen protectors

If you can’t afford to go all out and purchase a new laptop, you may want to consider a screen protector. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, screen protectors exist to prevent scratches, the occurrence of which become more probable when using your laptop outdoors. There are assorted versions available for different screen sizes and models, and if you need a screen protector for a smaller device, you will find a useful review of the top five tempered glass screen protectors in the tech section of Mashoid.Co.

Best rugged notebook

When designing outdoor laptops, designers know that they need to portable and sturdy, while maintaining the performance standards expected from modern laptops. The Latitude 14 Extreme 14″ Notebook delivers on all counts. Made with shock-absorbent materials, this impressive piece of equipment is of military standard and is compression-sealed, protected from sand, liquids and dust. Among its incredible features, the notebook boasts a heat resistant thermal management system, an outdoor readable display, a backlit keyboard with a stealth key that allows you to turn it off immediately if needed, and a resistive touch screen that responds effectively to touch whilst being resistant to dust and dirt.Used by military personnel, this notebook may seem like a little too much for the average outdoor office worker, but if your trade involves being among the Great Outdoors, it is a sensible model to consider. Retailing at around $2000, the Latitude 14 Extreme 14″ Notebook is not the cheapest option, but it could be a worthwhile investment.

With technology advancing so quickly, it will only be a matter of time before all devices, small, and large, will be built to consider requirements for outdoor use. Until then, it is wise to invest in a suitable laptop for your needs.