How To Promote Health And Wellness In The Workplace

Healthy workers are more productive workers. They get more work done, work harder and faster (sometimes) and they need less time off work due to medical issues. That is why it is important as a business to promote health and wellness in the workplace and use resources like to inform and educate employers and employees about how beneficial it is.

If you want people calling in less, being healthier when they are there, and being more active on the job, you want to make sure you’re training and working with healthy people. It’s really not that difficult to help your employees work toward a healthier life. You just need to be offering them the healthy option that will help them.

Get Them Gym Memberships

If there is a gym in your local area take some time to reach out to them and find out if you can get a deal on multiple memberships, and pass that discount on to your employees. Many people don’t bother to join a gym because they are afraid of the price. Some people don’t join because they don’t want to do it alone (knowing other co workers will be there may be the motivation they need).

You could also consider giving out free memberships to employees that haven’t missed a day all your or something. Employees like to be rewarded for a job well done and if you give this type of incentive more employees may work to strive for more productivity on their own part.

Offer Healthy Foods In Vending Machines/Cafeteria

Instead of serving up pizza and sloppy joes in the cafeteria or bags of chips and candy bars in the vending machines, invest in healthier quick food options for your employees. You may even find that fewer people bring bag lunches when they have healthier alternatives.

When it comes to an employee cafeteria, consider putting in a salad bar. A juice bar could be a good idea as well. Also, offer bottled water. Pull out the vending machines that offer soda and junk food. Replace them with ones that have nuts, seeds, freeze dried fruits, and other healthy munchies.

Sponsor Marathons

Whether you’re a general sponsor with your name on shirts, you get a work team together, or you donate money to your workers that participate, sponsor your employees when it comes to charity marathons. It’s great fitness that they get more than that one time, since they’ll need to train for it, and you’ll be doing something good for them and the charity.

Plan Corporate Health Retreats

You may also want to consider planning some healthy retreats for your employees. Have a spa weekend once a year, go on a meditative retreat, or have everyone get together at the local rock climbing gym instead of having a traditional holiday party. There are so many ways to promote health and wellness, come up with ones that work for your business.