Tech Essentials for Safe Travels

Travel is about relaxing, finding out new things, and setting off on a mutual adventure with your partner, friends, or family. Some people may choose to travel with a private service like Jettly whilst others are content with minimal luxuries on their travels. It is one of the greatest pleasures in life, but before you set off on a journey, you should be prepared for tainting situations such as losing your possessions or finding out that the rental you’ve booked is secure like a shed.

Thankfully, there are various apps and gadgets you can use to make sure your travel days go without any problems. From emergency to accommodation booking systems, these are some of technological essentials for safe travel.

Portable safe

Some countries look so inviting, when you see how exotic, unusual and different they look (as opposed to your home in Michigan or Prague). However, people get so intoxicated by the new, attractive soil and cultures that they know so little about, they don’t pay attention to their belongings and end up getting robbed. There’s a first time for everything, but if there’s a chance not to experience that ever in life, then that’s what you should do.

Travelsafe portable safe is essentially a lockable pouch in which you can stash your credit cards, extra cash, tablet, phone, small camera, and passports. They can’t be just cut open as they have a high-tensile stainless exomesh placed between the outer and inner fabric, additionally secured with an integrated locking device. You can lock the safe to any stationary object thanks to the drawstring cable. The portable safe is quite bulky, which may be the only downside of it. However, it’s a small price to pay for a security like that, especially if you’re travelling through countries you know less well.

Personal alarm

The Chieftain personal alarm is attached to a backpack, or to a keyring, then looped through a jacket zip. In case of an attack, the alarm is activated via the ripcord and emits a 140-decibel siren (which can be heard up to 800m away) and a strobe light. This device is the only personal attack alarm that has been supplied to military personnel in areas of conflict and approved by the Ministry of Defence. The battery can supply enough energy for two hours of continuous running.

Portable door locks

These handy portable door locks can fit in a purse or a pocket, and are strong enough to keep the doors closed and the bad guys out. They are pretty much easy to install – just insert the locking tab into the striker plate, squeeze the lever and close the door. It can be used on almost all internal doors that open towards the space to be secured. When you get to your hotel or rental room, there’s no need to be afraid of potential break-ins while you’re in the shower or asleep anymore.


Has it ever happened to you that you had to pay for a travel or vacation more than you planned to? Holidays can be expensive, especially during peak season when the price of accommodation and plane tickets just goes up. However, with TravelPay you can layby holidays and afford travels you thought were too expensive to wish for. Book your flights at a reasonable price few months before the trip, choose a payment plan, get early bird deals, and pay for the trip interest-free. It is a prepaid travel, so the full amount of your travel costs is forwarded to your travel agent, with the price and exchange rates being locked. You’re safe from travel frauds and unexpected costs, able to travel without having to worry about it.

Portable charger

We all depend on our smartphones, more or less, whenever we step out on the street, not to mention when we’re on the streets in a foreign country. MSC Power Stick portable charger is a small USB phone charger that has proven invaluable in many situations. This power bank provides a full charge for all phones, digital cameras, and eReaders. It is light, small enough to keep it in your backpack, and includes a LED display that shows remaining charge. Just charge it up with power before you leave and use it to charge whatever device or gadget you want via USB. You can also opt for a MSC Waterproof Solar Charger, a charger that loads up with power via a small solar panel, meaning that it requires nothing more than sunlight. Ideal solar charger for camping and travel.

Bluetooth tracker

Instead of carrying your luggage bags around with you, with a Bluetooth luggage tracker, you can always keep track on your bags. Actually, you can attach it to any of your valuables and know about their movements through a smartphone app. You can even put a tracker in your kids’ pockets and know their whereabouts as well.

Thanks to these apps, gadgets, and travel deals, you’ll be able to spend your vacation travelling around the globe without having to worry about losing your bags or whether you’ll have enough money to cover everything up. Technology works for you, so take all the advantages you can to plan and experience wonderful travels.