Tips For Making Your Business More Green

In this modern age where people are becoming more aware of their effects on the environment and the carbon footprint which we leave behind after virtually every step of our day, it has become more standard to look into ways which you can reduce your negative impact on the planet and strive to be more green.

There is no better place to start with being green than in your business. Since the average adult spends 42 hours at work each week, this is where the majority of your time is spent, and therefore a great place to start making changes that you would like to see in the world. An easy way to start is by purchasing various office supplies from sustainable and environment-friendly brands. You can find out more about sustainable purchasing on the world’s first climate action platform through various articles and blogs. If you can reduce your impact on the earth even just a little bit, imagine the cumulative effect everyone could make together in their own individual way as a collective whole. Here are some of the best ways to start making your business greener today.

Minimize Waste Production

Depending on what kind of business you are in, you may produce a lot of waste or perhaps are on the lower end. Regardless, even if you only a produce a little, there is always room for improvement.

Try looking into big ways which you can reduce your waste production in the office. Such as recycling more as opposed to throwing away. Perhaps you have a coffee pod machine in the office kitchen. Consider switching this out for a traditional coffee pot.

Try to assemble a waste committee who can brainstorm with ways that you can be a more green office environment. This can not only make you more earth friendly, but increase team morale as you work together as a team.

Go Paperless

It is worth exploring whether your business has the capability of going completely paperless. Since paper is one of the most common areas which waste is created, you would be eliminating thousands of pounds of waste a year just by cutting out this one area.

If you can’t foresee the possibility of going completely paperless, perhaps you can at least reduce your paper use. This will also reduce your spending budget since digital is much cheaper.

Encourage Rideshare

It is extremely advantageous for the Earth for people to rideshare more frequently. This reduction in carbon monoxide makes our air cleaner and our Earth a cleaner place.

Try to encourage your employees to start a carpool or rideshare program at work. This may not only cut back on pollution for the whole planet, but can encourage stronger teamwork by creating more bonds amongst team members.

Encourage Reusable Products

Try to educate your employees on the benefits of reusable products such as water bottles and bags. Encourage use of these in common areas like the employee kitchen.